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Predators Review

Posted on August 7, 2010 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (0)

8 Headshots/ 10

Fear Is Reborn

Favorite Quote : "This Planet is a game preserve, and we're the game"

Directed By Nimrod Antal

Starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Walton Goggins, Danny Trejo, Alice Braga

Release Date 2010

Whats It About?

A group warriors wake up on a distant planet only to be hunted by an alien species known as Predators

The Movie

The original Predator is a legend in the action/scifi/horror element genre. It shows exactly what makes the type of film work, and is just an overall great film. So naturally Predators, a sequeal to the film (that skips over predator 2 and the AVP's) has alot ot live up to. For the most part the film succeeds in capturing the first films charm, while doing some new things for itself. The movie centers on a group of bad people (bad meaning there's no clear cut heroes here, all of our characters were chosen by the Predators due to the fact that their cold blooded killers themselves) landing on a planet with whatever they had on them at a time and quickly figuring out their fucked. Theres alot of tension between our characters since all of them are from different walks of life. A mexican drug cartel enforcer, a Russian spetznaz soldier, a American private security contractor, and a convicted rapist/ murderer that was just on death row is just a few of them. So theres more then a couple scenes where characters butt heads. Theres also that necessary "discovery" portion of the film. Where our "hereos" piece together their situation through finding past dead game, traps set by other's for the preds, and even a crazy survivor played by Laurence Fishburn whos been on the planet for 10 seasons. Another good aspect to the film was that, like the original had its one liners, this one has some comedic releif from our convict. The guys just a shithead in general.  The film does have its bad parts though. There were times where I was just bored. It seemed like they film was alot more tame then it should have been. Yeah we had some very violent parts but we didnt get any classic predator weapons. No spear, no really cool shoulder weapon hits like the original. Those things are just taste issues though. Another thing that was hit and miss for me was that the different predator classes were feuding. We dont know if its just a small planet side problem or their whole race, but there's really know way to know since the film is centered on this one game preserve planet. So it leaves a big question of why the fuck are they fighting and why does it matter to us humans? It seemed like they just used that as a plot device instead of fleshing it out. But anyway, for the most part the film delevierd and I'm glad its made over a $100 Million so far worldwide. Also, llike the original, we have some great quotes.

Eye Candy

Alice Braga is cute enough but no nudity here. Unless you like Adrien Brody shirtless and pulling the classic Arnie mud trick.

Violence Report

We kid some stabs, skull/spine ripped through the back, some blood splat here and there. Tame for a predator film


Predators manages to live up to the original/ pay homage. While adding new aspects to the franchise/mythos of the predator universe. Tame on the violence but full of good characters and situations.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 Review

Posted on June 25, 2010 at 12:12 AM Comments comments (0)

1 Headshot/ 10

Directed by Tony Scott

Starring Denzel Washington, John Travolta

Release Date 2009

Whats it about?

Armed guys take over a New York city subway car and make demands

The Movie

Denzel Washington is one of those actors that plays the same part in every movie, and usually does it well. Same for John Travolta. Both of which im not huge fans of but both of which have made good films. But, ugh..... this movie was terrible. The characters themselves (while having backstories) are shallow and paper thin. Usually in this type of movie you usually want one of the characters to win but with this they were so bland I didnt really care. Not to mention that I dont think Travolta can pull off the bad guy look (outside of Pulp Fiction which is a different type of bad guy) and that he says Mother Fucker 12 times in the movie, I counted...all of which are stupidly funny becasue I just cant see Travolta trying to be the tought guy that this character was supposed to be. The plot itself was simple enough but just dragged on and with talking that nobody cared about, and killing that didnt make sense (killing characters for the hell of it or for shocks) All in all very poor action, bland story that was super slow, and too many unrealistic scenes. A police car driving through the streets slams into a taxi flipping him and none of the cops stop to check? Those types of scenes plagued this film and just added to the sillyness that it didnt intend to have. Also, usually the villain has an interesting reason for doing things, but in this film couldnt even get that right. It seemed like Travolta and Washington were in it for the pay check because they brought nothing to this already terrible film.

Violence Report

Bullet hits, some fights.

Eye Candy

Unless you like Travolta with fake ass neck tattoos then nothing


Terrible characters, miscast actors, stupid plot, stupid situations, stupid action, painful soundtrack. Nohting in this film worth watching unless you want to cringe at how bad it is.



Deadbeat At Dawn Review

Posted on June 11, 2010 at 1:04 AM Comments comments (0)

8 Headshots/ 10

Directed by Jim Van Bebber

Starring Jim Van Bebber, Paul Harper, Megan Murphy, Ric Walker, and Marc Pitman

Release Date 1988

Whats it about?

Goose is a leader of a street gang but decides to leave it all and be with his girl. The shitty part is the gang he left wont let him go that easy.

The Movie

Deadbeat at Dawn (DAD) is an actiong/revenge gritty angry ass movie. And its a great film thats sadly often overlooked by movie fans. Directed by Jim Van Bebber who has made some great horror films and shorts.. and always brings the grit to anything he does, does the same thing with this movie. The story of an asshole gang leader, that goes around with his drugged out asshole friends kicking the shit out of other gangs, stealin shit, and doing kung fu moves in graveyards decides to leave being an asshole behind and movie on with his girl. The plot is paced well and is mixed with good action, violence, some talking that keeps it going. The acting is subpar but its never really anything too bad. Van Bebber plays the lead (Goose) and plays the guy well. The support cast (who are also in his other movies) play the drugged out drunk most of the time assholes that are his "friends" then enemies that he has to kill. The FX in this film, while sometimes crude, have alot of detail and sick all the time. There has been revenge films before, and after but none of which had been as angry and gritty as this film. The movie also has some disturbing stuff ( a trademark of Bebber) that helps keep the story going strong, and keeps you rooting for Goose the whole way, yeah hes a bad guy...but you want him to kill everyone on screen that needs killing..which he does. The story isnt all violence and gore. It also has a heart and the resolution to the story is rewarding.

Violence Report

Tons of blood, stabbings, car crashes, gun shots, exploding stuff.

Eye Candy

We get a couple of boobs


Good story, brutal plot, great violence. Great movie

Pictures from imdb.com/deadbeatatdawn

Rampage Review

Posted on June 9, 2010 at 3:43 PM Comments comments (2)

     7 Headshots/ 10

Directed by Uwe Boll

Release Date 2009

Starring Brendan Fletcher

What's it about?

A 23 year old heavilly armed loner decicdes to go on a killing spree in his home town

The Movie

Uwe Boll is a shit head...we all know that. The guy just loves to churn out crap after crap films. Rampage however is one of his very random good fiilms. (that makes 2).

By no means is this an oscar winner, noir is it an action epic. It is a action/dark comedy though.... that is pretty fucking good. The story is about a 23 year old dude that still lives with his parents (a couple of blind to the severity of their sons problems) and has some problems. Throughout the buildup of the story its Bill (the main) physically training, zoning out while listening to conspiracy theorist radio shows/web cast and day dreaming about him "cleaning up the world". We dont get much of a support cast. A couple of parents that are previouslly mentioned and a counter balance best friend that has the same need for a world change, but in drasticlly different terms. One wants peace and equality, the other chaos. Its wierd that Boll movie could try at a message and succed (as twisted as the message might be) but damnit the German bastard pulled it off. After a relatively slow buildup we finally get to the killing which starts off with Bill car bombing the cops then literally walking down street gunning anyone and everyone now. Some of it is disturbing, some of it funny, and all of it twisted. Remember it is a dark comedy so you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. Overall the film works. The plot movies along and only lags a few times which was necesarry to build up to the killing spree. I understand why Bill would go on this Rampage (sick twisted reasons but reasons easilly portrayed by the background noise) but it would have been a bit better if they fleshed out Bill's head more.

Violence Report

Loads of explosions, stabbings, slit throats, and tons and tons of bullet hits. Thankfully NO or very small amounts of CGI.

Eye Candy

There is no eye candy in this one


Rampage is a surprisingly well put together film. Solid writing and plot. Stupid as dirt support case but overall a solid, brutal, and dark ass film.

Gamer Review

Posted on June 7, 2010 at 12:49 AM Comments comments (1)


   8 Headshots/10

Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor 

Starring Gerard Butler, Amber Valletta, Michael C. Hall and Kyra Sedwick

What the hells it about?

Gamer is a science fiction/action film set in the near future where gamers control convicts in a real life first person shooter.

The Movie

To start off this film is directed by the two dudes that made the action packed over the top Crank movies which, to a certain extent..were damn entertaining and good. They had their drawbacks but overall they were fun movies. After waiting forever for this film to finally come out..and going through a couple of name changes (Game, CitizenGamer) it finally got a Septemeber release date which resulted in me taking my ass to the theater to see it, andI'm happy to say that I really liked it. For startes, it has a great cast having Gerard Butler as a convict with asoul (yes its been done but what hasnt) and a general badass and Michael C. Hall (Dexter) as a coporate shithead/genious with a master plan. Amber Valletta plays Butlers love and she is a great site to see and also plays her generally simple part well enough. Kyra Sedwick plays a throw away reporter and...brings me to a pet peeve of mine....rappers that like to act. The man in question is Ludicras who surprisingly is not bad at all.Seeing that its an action film the trend as been to fill the movie up with choppy editing where you cant see shit..thankfully Gamer did not have much of this and keeps you right in the mix. Weather it be through Butlers eyes, a 3rd person view through our gamers eyes, or the classic action movie shots.There is no over the top actionsequences meaning Butler is not a superhero, just a soldier that is fighting for his life, well, being controlledto fight for his life against others. What I liked most about this was that it actually had a story with meaning.It takes a big shot at about how we are moving closer to being sucked into media,computers, electronic entertainment more and more (hell I play games)That being said its not a preachy message movie. So all in all this is not only a great action movie, with some great war violence, great characters/actors, but a very good character film as well. Oh and it has alot of nudity. Check it out, its a very entertaining film and not a mindless actionflick. Oh and just to add my wife hates action films but liked it as well.

Violence Report

Theres tons of war violence. Bodies getting blown up, bullet hits, fights.

Eye Candy

Amber Valletta walks around in skimpy ass clothes the whole time. We also get alot of boobs hopping around on screen.


Gamer is a solid action film with great characters and overall a well made film





Pictures provided by IMDB.com

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