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Darkness On The Edge Of Town Review

Posted on June 25, 2010 at 1:57 PM Comments comments (0)

6 Headshots/10

Written by Brian Keene

Published By Leisure Fiction

Released FEB 2010

Whats it about?

One morning the residents of Walden Virgina wake up to complete darkness. No power, no stars nothing. And on the edge of town, a living breathing pure evil entity darker then dark.

The Book

Darkness on the Edge of Town is about the 14th book Ive read by Brian Keene. The guy knows how to write brutal stories and for the most part (hes had a few stinkers) has been solid in his books for brininging interesting characters, good stories, and brutal slayings. This book, while a different kind of horror, is an interesting one.

It story follows a pizza boy and his girlfriend (Rob and Christy) and a few other townfolk who wake up to darkness. Not only is it pitch black night during the day, but theres no stars, moon, all the powers out, and theres a thick entity surrounding the town at all points that kills you if you enter, taunts you with images that scare you, or influences you to do murderous things to others. You dont have to be familiar with Keenes work to understand this, becasue its very straigforward. But its helpful to know his other work in order to pick up on the subtle references (characters, situations etc) referenced in this one, which makes it cool to elaborate on Keenes huge world of mythology.

The story moves along from a slow pace to frantic action every now and then, but usually just chugs along at the slower pace. Which is a downfall. But it fits the bleak tone of the book well, I was just hoping for a bit more actiong seeing that the town was going crazy. We do get glimpses into the horror from the characters encounters into the world for one reason or another.The best part about the book was the character Dez, a homesless guy into the magic that helped keep the darkness out of the town, but is powerless to do anything else do to his own emotional problems.

To finish the review up, the story was interesting but the characters werent. Which is why the book didnt get a highter ranking. I didnt really give a shit about them. Add to the fact that while I can understand that their situation sucked bad, they didnt go through half as much stuff as they should have in order for me to care about them, or justify their existence. I cared more about a side character (Dez) that only had about 6 pages of time then these mains. Also, the ending is bleak and twisted but wasnt the resolution that I had hoped for.


Interesting story, great villains, good addons to the Keene mythos/world. Bland characters that I didnt care about it.

Brian Keene's Ghost Walk Review

Posted on June 9, 2010 at 1:53 PM Comments comments (0)

Written by Brian Keene

Release Date 2008

Paperback published by Leisure Horror

Whats it about?

Ghost Walk takes place several years after the events of Dark Hollow. The remains of LeHorn’s Hollow are now the site of a Halloween haunted attraction. They are also the site of a dimensional portal which unleashes Nodens, a malevolent entity related to Ob (from The Rising) and Leviathan and Behemoth (from The Conqueror Worms). As Nodens threatens to consume all life on Earth, three unlikely heroes join forces to save all mankind — ex-Amish magician Levi Stoltzfus, reporter Maria Nasr, and Dark Hollow’s Adam Senft.  SOURCE BRIAN KEENE.com

Is it good?

Ive been reading Brian Keene every since his first book (The Rising) came out back in  2003 and I've been a huge fan ever since. But my fanboyness (word?) doesnt mean I worship everything he writes.

Ghost Walk is a semi direct follow up to The Rutting Season (or Dark Hallow if you have the paperback) but while that one is great, this one is not. The characters in this film (a pow wow ex amish guy Levi) and a reporter gir named Maria are our  main heros (with a cameo from the first book Adam). The thing is I never really cared for these characters. Levi was annoying and bland and Maria never really did anything to help the story. The story itself flows well enough but never really had an UMPH that I was used to from Keene. Weather it was violence, creepy moments, or disgusting characters. Dont get me wrong the story had its share of violence but it was tame compared to some of his other work. To be fair Ghost Walk and The Rutting Season are tamer stories so naturally the vioence would be toned down... I guess I just wanted or expected more when an evil dark entity  (nodes, that of which cant be named) that has broken out of the void (a common reference for all things that are evil prison in Keenes work) and is now trying to extinguish the light from the world starting with the town of Dark Hallow. One thing that I loved about this story was the setting. It takes place on the days before Halloween and the town is getting ready for a huge haunted maze out in the forrest. Little do they know that "that that can not be named" has just escaped nearby and is gona kill and possess any of the Ghost Walks (the mazes name) volunteers that venture too closse.

In closing I wanted to like Ghost Walk but the characters and blandess of the plot didnt let me. Ive read about 15 Brian Keenes books and this one is one of the worst.

3 out of 10 Headshots

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