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Infestation Review

Posted on June 27, 2010 at 3:53 PM

5 Headshots/10

You Will Be Infected

Directed by Kyle Rankin

Starring Chris Marquette, Brooke Nevin

Release Date 2009

Whats it about?

A slacker douchebag kinda guy wakes up in a cacoon in a world that has been taken over by alien bugs

The Movie

Infestation's story gives the film tons of oppurtunites at having tons of gross out moments seeing that its about oversized bugs eating people and whatnot. But it doesnt really take advantage of it. To start off the movie is more of a corky comedy with bugs/horror aspects then it is a straight up horror film. Which also makes the lacking of gross out gag moments dissapointing becasue seeing that its already not taking itself seriouslly, they could have gotten away with filling it with sick shit. Instead the majority of the bug killing is just alittle bit of bug goo (the kind you see when you step on one yourself). ...which sucked. As for the comedy parts, the movie was funny. The chacter was a cluseless slacker that is sarcastic at all moments. The supporting cast does their parts well enough too (tought chick, ditsy chick, tough guy, dickhead guy). The other main problem I had with the film, other then the lack of gore and sick stuff, was that it tried to add to much into the story for its own good. We didnt need tons of characters having their own stories which led to side quests. But they added it in. The CGI in this film, while full of it, is surprisingly well done and didnt really have any cringe worthy bad FX at all. The pace of the story movied at a medium speed but was lagged down by the side stories of the characters that nobody cared about. So, on a whole the movie dissapointed me with majority of characters being forgetable yet having side stories, wasted oppurtunies at gags, and sloppy plot.

Violence Report

Some bugs getting stabbed, some blown up bugs and a couple of light violence towards people.

Eye Candy

The main girl is cuted and the ditsy dumb blonde tries to seduce the dumb lead with some boobies.


Good concept, enjoyable lead character, wasted gag oppurtunites, light on the violence. Ok to play as background noise with the occastional glance.

Categories: Horror Films

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