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Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 Review

Posted on August 7, 2010 at 12:51 PM

1 Headshot/ 10

Release Date 2008

Genre Action, First Person Shooter

Developed by Epic Games

Whats it about?

The plot is a alien race is taking over the galaxy, so your a soldier trying to push them back

The Single Player

While the game does have a loose plot line, its never really enough  to give the game any real semblance of a worthwile or engaging story. So the story mode is just multiplayer with a loose plot, played against really dumb computer controlled bots. The campaign is one of the most boring, frustrating, repetive piece of shit that I have ever played (and beaten). You constantly do the same shit over and over and over again. The charaters say the same one liners, the bots do the same predictable moves, its frustratingly boring...andjust plain sucks balls.


The Unreal franchise is all about its multiplayer. I remember playing it on the pc years ago and it was a blast. In my opinion though it sucks now. The modes are the same you'd play an any other FPS title. You know what I just didnt like anything about the multiplayer. I maybe played 15 matches and quit it. Its not hard to play and easy as fuck to master. Just run in straight lines and shoot...thats it. Anyway, the maps are ok, some are way to huge and frustrating to navigate when you constantly cant jump over small obstacles or get killed and have to respawn and run your way for 30 seconds back into the battle. Fuck that


Terrible graphics, dumb/bland story. Repetitive gameplay, overly used one liners. Easy/bland multiplayer. A chore even while hunting for achivements.

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