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Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Review

Posted on August 25, 2010 at 1:53 PM

2 Headshots/ 10

Family Is Forever

Directed by Rob Zombie

Starring Malcom McDowell, Sheri Moon Zombie, Scout-Taylor Compton

Release Date 2009

Whats it about?

Another remake to the original Halloween 2 film. Just as bad as the last remake. Michale Myers continues to carve a path of killings on his way to finding his sister

The Movie

Theres not too much positive things I can say about Rob Zombies first Halloween, noir do I have too many good things to say about his folloup. And I like Zombies REJECTS series. So, I'll start off with whats good about H2. The bodycount. Alot of people die in this film which is exactly what Myers is good at. Killing people in brutal ways, and in that aspect the film delievers. Other then that one good part, well there's two seeing that theirs alot of cameos from genre actors in this. But other then those 2 things.Well 3 things, Malcolm McDowell is the man and always will be. The film fucking sucks. I hated it. The plot moves along but is just hampered by a terrible script, bad acting, and way too many sill moments/plot lines that you can get away with in a pg-13 slasher but not a HARD R Michale fucking Myers film. The acting by the females is just too unrealistic. I didnt beleive a second that these little girls were tough distraught women.  Add to the stupidness of the movie is Myers himself. The man is pure evil and it works. You can just sense the menace coming off the guy. You just know if both of you enter a room, hes the one coming out leaving you a bloody broken mess. This films Myers still has that menace but they add too many "human" qualities to him. He grunts (Myers doesnt grunt), he takes off his mask...... and his TALKS! Myers doesnt need to say a damn thing to be scary! Hes a silent huge meancing killer on a mission to kill as many people as possible...he doesnt need anything else but that.

Violence Report

Head crunch, people being thrown around, stabbings lots of great FX and blood.

Eye Candy

We get some sets of boobs. Nothing to write home about



Good violence/body count, unrealistic characters, bad use of Myers, bad script....bad film.





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