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Feast ll: Sloppy Seconds Review

Posted on August 25, 2010 at 2:21 PM

2 Headshots/ 10

They're Back and Still Hungry!

Directed by John Gulager

Starring Jenny Wade, Diane Goldner, Cassie Watson

Release Date 2008

Whats it about?

Feast 2 picks up where FEAST left off. The monsters have not attacked a small town and our survivors from the first film are caught up in the shitty films mix.

The Movie

Feast 1 was awesome. It knew what it was and just ran with it. Ultra violent, smart/witty, full of good likeable characters and a great location and plot to go along with it. Feast 2 however, fucking sucks. I knew a followup coulnt match up to the first but I had no idea that they were going to ruin what they had going for it, and just plain suck. In this one our monsters have moved into a bigger area (a small town) and pretty much do the same thing they did in the first film just on a a bigger scale with more people (all of which are still shitheads). The acting is subpar for the most part, having midgets just to have midge stereoypes, whorish women just to show boobs etc etc. The main problem with Feast ll is that it tried to hard to mimic its parent film. The first knew what it was but didnt try hard to be gross or funny. This one did. Had way too many gags for gags sake, shocks for shocks sake, and plain one lining characters just o have one liners. Which distracted me way to much from the abundance of violent over the top gore. Which for the most part was well done. We did have some terrible CGI at some points but nothing too major. The shocks they tried to put it just came off as distatefull. A infant being eaten by the monsters? How in anyones mind is that funny?

Violence Report

Lots of gross out gags, blood, mutilations.

Eye Candy

Man girl is a hotty, some boobs shown nothing too great though.


Bad acting, bad plot, bad script, bad film.

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