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Frozen Review

Posted on March 23, 2011 at 5:57 PM

8 Headshots/ 10

No One Knows You're Up There

Directed by Adam Greene

Starring Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Kevin Zegers

Release Date 2010

Whats it about?

3 skiers get trapped on a ski lift overnight, in the middle of a storm, surrounded by killer wolves.

The Movie

You should know Adam Greene from his ultra violent throwback to slashers HATCHET already but if you dont, well the guys a good director. Frozen is not that type of film though. Frozen follows a group of three college kids taking a ski break on a less then legit mountain resort. The characters themselves are very likeable and I actually felt for them in this film. They get forgot about on the ski lift, party due to their own stupid decision and the even stupider ski lift operators and the events just get worse and worse for our heroes. The pacing is well done, mixed with alot of tension and "what if" scenarios as well as some plain chilling moments. Like I said, you feel for these characters and some of the terrible stuff that happens to them is really well done. Their is violence here but its not the main focus, we are meant to feel more uncomfortable then scared and the movie does that great with well done shots, decent music, and those damn likeable actors. There is bad though. Well not bad but just kinda stupid. The characters like any horror movie, dont make the greatest decisions. But these decsions have to be made in this case. They are trapped afterall for one week in a storm...so its either freeze to death or take risky decisions, which is why I can forgive the "stupid" choices. Another kinda "meh" factor was this pack of killer wolves that were relentless. Yeah I get that their in the wildreness but it was a bit extreme at times. And for the final gripe, one of the main characters is just thrown away without an afterthought or explanation. It explains visually what happened but the execution was terrible for such a main character.

Violence Report

Ok wolf aftermath scene, really really good double leg snap. Other then that nada besides a few spots of blood.

Eye Candy



Really good movie thats easy to follow, good pacing, great acting, and a chilling situation.

Categories: Horror Films

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