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Top Movie Killers

1. Jason Voorhees- Hes what movie serial killers are all about. He's got a motive, avenge his mother and kill kids for fun.

 2.Leatherface- He's the butcher for a family of hicks. He runs around swinging a mallet and a chainsaw. He also doesnt care if your in a wheel chair.

3.Michael Myers- Hes tall as fuck, he can drive a car and walk at an incredible speed. And hes pure evil. Oh and he loves his sister.

4. Ghost Face- Hes sarcastic, hes not superhuman, and he has an extensive knowledge of horror film trivia.

5. Victor Crowley- He'll chase you down, pull you apart, stab the shit out of you. And he's lives out in an area where boobs are always popping out.


Honorable Mentions: Freddy Krueger, Leslie Vernon, Chatter Box, Chucky, Leperchaun






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